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­­Ardbeg 25

Ardbeg Alligator 4,5L



ARDBEG 40years old from 1965
left bottle : Ardbeg distilled 1904 ; right bottle: Ardbeg distilled 1885

Welcome to our  blog and web-site...



Just a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all Ardbeg Maniacs!

I was VERY busy the last month that I could not really enjoy my hobby and share it.

Hopefully I will have a bit more time now...

Have a great start into 2017!




Impressions from the weekend road-trip to Islay

over Amsterdam, Newcastle and Kennacraig!

Thanks to Mickey, Jackie and Emma and all the Ardbeg-Team for the amazing days at the cottage! Also David Turner for the private Bowmore tour...

Would be great if we can manage to create some cooperation with our medical beauty brand BDR ! Highend whisky meets highend cosmetics in the cottages ;) Let's see...

Miss you all! Will come back asap!





THANK YOU ALL maltmaniacs

FOR OVER 200.000 visits

on this web-page !!!




Some impressions of the last LWS festival in Oostende at Hotel Bero.

THX to Geert Bero, Luc Timmermans, Lim Eiling, Tim Puett, Serge Valentin, Dirk Vanhoutte, Giovanny and all the others for this fantastic tastings and Event.

Looking forward to see you soon! Slainté René



11.10.2015      To the next 200! Happy anniversary Ardbeg! Slainte


01.06.2015  Impressions  of Islay Festival 2015

We had a fantastic time on Islay and could visit all distilleries in only some days. The highlight was the BBQ at Ardbeg.

Many thanks to Geert and Tim and all friend for sharing their fantastic malts! Also a big hug  to Mickey, Jacky and David, hope to see you soon again. Slainté!


8.5.2015   Ardbeg batch 1 to 5... only tiny little changes but looks great in a row!

Ardbegs from Boutique y Whisky

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WWW.BHP-BARBECUE.DE   !! Your specialist for BBQ, Whisky and Rum.

Just click here or the picture below to reach to the site.

We present interesting recipes and ideas you have never seen before.

...just great!

Have fun, yours HerxeP


screenshot new web-site 05.02.2015


Dear Whisky and Dart friends,

the last weeks and month was very turbulent, so that I could not find the time to write news on my page.

Now the lists are again updated :)

THANK YOU for sharing and posting this site and for the over 100.000 visits!

I hope you still like to join in from time to time. 

Let me wish you all  nice Christmas time nd a healthy, lucky and fantastic yer 2015.

Yours HerxeP and Pub-Members




Dear Malt and Dart Maniacs,

attached I post the pictures taken at HerxeP's 40th birthday Party. Was such a funny night with a lot of wanted gangsters ;)  of course also a lot of drams and darts. looking forward to see you again soon. Thx for all !


part of the pub...


Hello all you followers of the site!

I am very busy in the moment, so I have absolutely no time to update the lists and pictures, right now.

Of course we have plenty new outstanding bottles.

I hope to upload some picture in the next days.

Thank you for staying close,

Slainté René and members!




Hello dear visitors !

I am delighted to welcome you to "HerxeP's whiskey and Darts Club".

This site debuted on the first Ardbeg Day (2nd June 2012) in honor of my father in law HP.

The page will, of course, continue to be updated regularly with information and news.

This year we've planned new videos, a order opportunity for samples, and bottle swaps.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of your contributions on the new Facebook-site and comments in our guestbook.

We invite you to continue browsing and enjoy our site.

Thanks for spending your time with us!


Best regards, Slainte

HerxeP and Club Members!

Ardbeg "hotel-bottling" cask 2742
Ardbeg check from 1927
Laphroaig 1887 - Ardbeg 1904 - Lagavulin 1875